Best Springtime Cocktails in Bend

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The snow is melting (finally), the temps are hitting above the 60's and the sun is making its appearance for - hopefully - the next several months. Is there anything more enjoyable than a fresh, colorful and tasty cocktail while basking in the dawn of a new season?

We've put together a list of a few of our favorite spring-inspired cocktails around Bend. Whether you fancy a floral boozy refreshment or a malty libation with trace notes of citrus, we've got a drink that will have you celebrating the commencement of sunshine, blue skies and some modest doses of vitamin-D.

1. Hibiscus Gin Fizz - Citizen Bar & Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Bowtie Catering

For those of you with a love for New Orleans or classic cocktails, the Ramos Gin Fizz is an iconic favorite. Originally deemed the 'New Orleans' Fizz, the frothy libation was created using orange flower water and egg whites. It was exceptionally high-maintenance, shaken for 12 minutes.

The bar at Citizen has created a slightly sweet and vibrantly floral version of the original Fizz. First, they infuse their gin with hibiscus flower which offers a slightly perfumey, but not overpowering, element to the classically citrusy Fizz. Per the famous recipe, an egg white is then shaken into the drink; this results in a soft and velvety foam. Finally, it's garnished with a sugary sprig of Rosemary that leaves each sip with a sweet and herbaceous finish.

$12 - Citizen Bar and Kitchen, 1045 NW Bond st.

2. Rosebud - Dogwood Cocktail Cabin

Photo Courtesy of Dogwood

Not only does this drink's name scream Springtime, it tastes like it too.

Liquor and champagne couple notoriously well together, making the Rosebud a local favorite. Vodka is the main component in this drink, but a float of cava is poured in place of carbonated mixers. Muddled strawberries and a splash of rosewater are poured over ice for an ideal blend of fruity and floral.

If you're not feeling spring-y enough, the garnish of fresh flower petals will assuredly take care of it.

$11 - The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin, 147 NW Minnesota ave.

3. Tamarind Margarita - Hola!

Photo - Eat Drink Bend

This is not your traditional margarita. The omission of sweet and sour mix is replaced with a squeeze of fresh lime and tamarind syrup. For those of you not familiar with tamarind, it's a tangy fruit that brings an ironically sweet and sour element to any dish. While I doubt this is a coincidence, the substitution of traditional margarita mix with this more complex, tart fruit is a win.

The margarita features blue agave tequila and is finished with a house-made chili-salt rim. With several locations - including Sunriver, Old Mill and Downtown - this drink is best enjoyed on their patio with a side of Tiraditos - an ahi poke appetizer dressed in citrus ponzu and served with a side of avocado. A basket of fresh chips and housemade salsa wouldn't hurt, either.

$13.5 glass/$35 pitcher - Hola! Nouveau Mexican Peruvian Cuisine, multiple locations

4. Elderberry Old Fashion - Washington Dining & Cocktails

Photo Courtesy of The Write Foot

If the sunshine doesn't have you reaching for a flowery mixed drink, don't fret. Washington's Elderberry Old Fashion is the ideal drink for anyone who's looking to avoid lavender like the plague. It's smooth and oaky with a hint of warmth, finished with a zesty orange note.

The bartenders at Washington carefully craft every cocktail that they add to their impressive menu of libations, and their house-made elderberry tonic is no exception. The elderberry is traditionally known for its healing properties and protection against the common cold and flu. We're going to take the liberty of considering this one a health aide and suggest you flock to Washington, stat.

This drink pairs amazingly well with any brunch item on their menu (Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m.)

$10 - Washington Dining & Cocktails, 900 Mt. Washington dr.

5. Gone with the Gin - CHOW

Photo Courtesy of CHOW

Champagne cocktails make the perfect companion for brunch on a sunny patio. Chow combines gin with muddled lemon for a lively start to the day (or afternoon). Elderflower and pomegranate add a touch of sweetness and a float of sparkling wine makes this concoction appropriate for all hours of the day.

Grab any of their brunch cocktails at their walk-up outdoor bar while you wait for a table and enjoy live music on warm, weekend mornings. Sip your libations around their fire pit and help yourself to hot coffee - waiting has never been so relaxing.

$10 - CHOW, 1110 NW Newport ave.

6. Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade - The Stihl Whiskey Bar

Photo Courtesy of Stihl Whiskey Bar

This is the ultimate sleek, smooth and sophisticated of refreshing cocktails. Stihl's house-made blackberry purée creates a rich and robust foundation while a fresh-squeezed lemon adds fruitiness and brightens up this woody bourbon refreshment.

Appropriate times for the BBL would be morning, noon, evening and night... or past midnight. However, you'll have to wait until 5 p.m. to grab one. And don't think they're exclusive to whiskey - the kitchen at Stihl will surprise you with their foodie-eque daily specials, appetizers and late-night desserts.

The Stihl Whiskey Bar, 550 NW Franklin ave.

7. Rosé of Cabernet Franc - Va Piano Tasting Room

Photo - Eat Drink Bend

Ok, ok, ok - we know - Rosé is not *technically* a cocktail. But how can you celebrate springtime drinks without an ode to rosé? Va Piano Vineyards just released their 2018 Rosé of Cabernet Franc and it is everything we dreamed that it would be.

It's a medium-bodied rosé that's more dry than it is sweet. Pair it with their cheese board on the patio and you've got a recipe for a pretty fabulous day. Patio seating overlooks the Deschutes River in the Old Mill and their indoor tasting room can accomodate parties from one to twelve. Love wine as much as we do? Enjoy a tasting flight for $15 (and, hey, it's waived if you purchase a bottle of wine!). Learn more about their wine club or pop in for a glass of any of their estate wines.

$8 glass/$22 bottle Va Piano Vineyards Tasting Room, 425 Powerhouse dr. #301 in the Old Mill

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