Bo's Falafel Bar is Getting a Food Truck

Since opening in April of 2019, Bo's Falafel Bar has been a hot spot for DIY falafel sandwiches and bowls. Located on the corner of Galveston and 14th, this petite eatery lacks what most restaurants survive on--a commercial kitchen. Owner Sierra Phillips uses Prep - A Chef's Kitchen, a commercial commissary and prep kitchen in Bend, to make her falafels, sauces, and provisions.

The current setup allows falafels to be heated up and served as either a sandwich or bowl with greens. A bar with sides such as Harissa fry sauce, pomegranate slaw, pickled onions and parsley cucumber salad allows customers to build their own sandwiches or bowls to their liking.

However, things are about to change this spring. With a recently purchased truck from a Redmond cart, the menu at Bo's will be expanding. Rotating specials, beef and lamb shawarma and even brunch (stay calm!) are in the works for the truck that will park outside of the corner restaurant.

Phillips, who worked as an attorney for four years, decided to submerge herself in a passion project before diving head-first into her commercial litigation career. Together, she and her husband launched Bo's shortly after Sip Wine Bar closed its doors. She's looking forward to growing the Bo's brand, possibly even into a franchise.

Stay tuned for more on the food truck and menu - we'll be anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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