Not Just For Millenials: Best Avocado Toasts in Bend

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Millenials get such a bad rap for things like being broke, not having enough children and eating too many avocados. But if you're going to sacrifice home ownership for a piece of avocado toast, these restaurants are the best places to do so.

1. Fix & Repeat

Appropriately named the Millenial, this slice of heaven is the top contender on our list. Something we love about F+R's toast is their symmetrically sliced and layered avocado on top of Sparrow's Miche bread (that's toasted and then rubbed in garlic... drool.) A drizzle of olive oil and a healthy dusting of sea salt and chili flakes covers this aesthetically pleasing avocado arrangement . This plate is hearty enough for breakfast but makes an excellent mid-day snack, as well. Available gluten-free.

$6, Fix & Repeat, 555 NW Arizona st. (in the Box Factory)

2. Thump Café, Roastery & Bakery

Thump's newest location, nestled between Summit West and Northwest Crossings, offers an array of breakfast food items including their smashed avocado toast. Their bread is made onsite from scratch which is then toasted, buttered and topped with lightly smashed avocado. Bright, fruity aleppo chili flakes deliver a balanced-heat and tangy finish. Opt for two softly poached eggs, which we highly recommend, for an additional $2. With killer views above Summit High, enjoy an iced coffee alongside food offerings on the patio or looking out their high-ceiling windows.

$8, Thump, 549 NW York dr. #200

3. Life & Time Free-Range Fast Food

This menu item is the lighter fare option on our list. The concept of organic, ethically-sourced fast food was quickly accepted by Bendites with open arms. You no longer have to choose between quick, affordable and healthy. Their organic 24-grain bread is smeared with cream cheese and avocado, layered with crisp cucumber and topped with 'everything' seasoning (think Trader Joe's 'Everything-But-The-Bagel' seasoning) and fresh dill. What's even better is that it's available with both gluten-free bread and dairy-free cream cheese.

$6, Life & Time, 320 SW Century dr. #100

4. Companion Coffeehouse

The self-proclaimed "Host with the Most" is a favorite amongst EDB followers so we had to check it out for ourselves. A thick hand-sliced cut of Sparrow's whole wheat sourdough is smeared with whipped cream cheese and heaps of sliced avocado. Topped with large flakes of Maldon salt, garlic and onion flakes, it's no wonder why it remains Companion's top food item on the menu.

$6 Companion Coffeehouse, 1441 SW Chandler ave. #106

5. Active Culture

The old French Market was occupied by Active Culture last year. They specialize in healthy food that will make you flourish and their Fancy Toast lives up to its namesake. Rustic bread? Check. Organic avocados and spinach? Check. Goat cheese? Double-fancy check. And we can't forget the organic fried egg on this one, because it's included! Lightly seasoned with Himalayan sea salt and pepper, this toast will have you feeling fancy all day.

$9, Active Culture, 285 NW Riverside blvd.

6. Jackson's Corner

This is a fork and knife kind of toast. Thick, house-made country bread is toasted and topped with smashed avocado and shaved radish. This offers a crunch factor that we didn't know we needed. Seasoned with a Tajin-like chile lime salt and olive oil, this menu item is a fan favorite. You can add a sunny side egg (which we highly recommend) for an additional $2. Make it a true Millenial brunch by pairing with a grapefruit mimosa.

$9, Jackson's Corner, served daily 1500 NE Cushing dr. 7-11a; 845 NW Delaware ave 7a-4p

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