Why You Should Take a 'Staycation'

Stay-cation: a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance of their home.

Staycations might be one of the greatest pleasures of the 21st century. When I was growing up, we couldn't have fathomed spending money to vacation in or near our home town. If it wasn't a half-day drive or plane ride away, it wasn't a vacation. However, staycations have become popular amongst Millennials and younger families as we take shorter, more frequent vacations and breaks. One of my favorite staycations was the weekend of my baby shower. My family hosted the party at a hotel in my hometown of Petaluma, CA and we decided to stay in the newly-renovated hotel for the night.

The change of scenery was so... refreshing! Here I was, in my hometown, only three blocks from the business that I own and neighborhood that I frequent every day, yet I had a new perspective of this little city. I noticed the landscape of the hills, the parks surrounding downtown, and walking to dinner--a restaurant that I visit nearly once a week--felt exciting and special. So, why the change of perspective? My guess is the following:

  • There's no background noise:

When I say background noise, I'm referring to the stack of unread mail, laundry waiting to be switched, last night's dishes, the dusty floors you only notice as you curl up with a cup of tea and a book, and--you get the picture. Settling into a cozy hotel room or Airbnb removes all of the distractions that make their way into your zen-zone at home, inhibiting any sort of relaxation.

  • Stress-less Mess:

Ah, one of my favorite hotel amenities. You wake up after a restful night's sleep, enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck, and then hop into the shower. It sounds great in theory, until you have to make the bed, wash the dishes, and search for a clean towel. Having this all taken care of for a night or two is such a simple luxury that allows your mind to stay in a state of rest. But please, remember to tip your housekeeper.

  • One Call Away:

So you ran out of toothpaste, forgot your shampoo, and you'd love an extra blanket for that early morning tea on your balcony. There's no need to run to your local drugstore. Stay in your robe, slippers, and press that special 'Front Desk' button. Voila! Within minutes, these necessities are at your door. Most hotels have an impressive list of toiletries and products that are included in the cost of your room, just ask! Airbnb hosts continue to have a growing list of amenities available during your stay including logs for the fireplace, bikes and non-motor transportation, and locally-sourced coffee and drinks stocked up for your arrival and stay.

Check-in So You Can Check-out

You get to 'play tourist' locally--something that you probably wouldn't take the time to do otherwise. When I go out of town, I love to take advantage of all that my destination has to offer. Once you get settled into your new home for the night or weekend, there's often a sense of relief and reprieve from your ongoing checklist. The city that you thought you knew will look different. You might begin to notice the trees, the sounds, the people, all from a different outlook. Thanks to apps like Hotel Tonight, Staycations can be impromptu and affordable. Choose a weekday night to stay at a higher-end resort you may have been eyeing, or stay off-season at a hotel for an even better incentive to staying locally.

Pack Lightly

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, skip the travel! The best part about staycationing is that you get to STAY and play. Which means less packing, less driving, skipping the security line, and saving on gas. Hey, that's more for you to spend on day-cation adventures and trying new restaurants. Not to mention, you'll be investing back into your local economy which is very rad of you.

Where to?

Ah, I'm so glad you asked! We have kicked off a new series, Stay and Play, which will feature staycation destinations in and around Central Oregon. Every month we'll be sharing where to stay, where to play, and of course, where and what to eat during your local stay. All of our recommendations and suggestions will come from first-hand experience, which means we're going to be scouring the tri-county area (and beyond) to deliver only real reviews and testimonials.

Let's be friends! If you want recommendations on the awesome places to stay in and around Bend, make sure that you're 'Subscribed'.

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